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You're ready for promotion but you have no idea how to get your career in motion. You’ve heard of career plans, but you don’t have one. No doubt, you’re familiar with performance reviews but you always walk away uncertain of how you stack up amongst your peers. The perception of you at work is not what you’d like it to be, nor what it needs to be for you to advance to the      next level of your career.

All of these factors make you a great candidate for Project 2020.

What is Project 2020?

Project 2020 is a 6-month guided group-coaching program to help future leaders get closer to their career potential. We will walk through a system designed to put you in position for promotion. When you’re ready to start climbing the corporate ladder, but you don’t know where to start…Project 2020 will help you establish your career vision with 20/20 accuracy, understand the behaviors required for your new level, and embrace a confident new you to function at your best in your new role.

What To Expect

Over the course of 6 months you’ll receive specific things to record, think about, and take action on every 2 weeks. You’ll participate in active group discussions with other like-minded professionals, and you’ll receive tough-love encouragement to keep you on course. My goal is for you to be promoted within the next 1-2 years (that sounds far off, but it’s not). You’ll hear from actual leaders that have successfully navigated the corporate maze and elevated themselves to the top (or very near). 

You will:

  • Get a clear roadmap to animate your career vision, moving from A to B as you Crush the Corporate Ladder.
  • Pay yourself back many times over with your future salary increase. This is the very definition of investment…something that’s expected to pay you back in the end. You COULD take a college course on leadership and read a bunch of textbook theories on what to do or you could stay in the drivers seat and get to working your actual plan to reach your goals.
  • Be part of an exciting data-gathering project that will culminate in a research-based book to be released in the year 2020.

This program is definitely for you if you are:

  1. An individual contributor ready for management, or a new leader ready for more
  2. A linear upward career climber (not a changing career)... who's not sure of how to get there!
  3. Not receiving resources to guide you (within your own organization)
  4. Timid/shy to ask for resources / lack confidence to pursue (if resources are offered)
  5. Unsure of how to start the conversation and show readiness. If your boss if not your advocate. Advocate for yourself!
  6. Feeling like you’re being micromanaged
  7. Ready to level the playing field for you to reach higher ranks.

What You'll Get

12 group sessions (each with a video lesson, discussion, and application work to firm it up).

  • Introductory Discussion and Goal Setting Exercise
  • Thinking Big / Thinking Like a Leader
  • Speaking Up (Necessary Conversations, Raise/Promotion, Let the Data Speak)
  • Leadership Behaviors 
  • Career Journaling
  • Little Things Mean A Lot
  • Leadership Mentors / Buddies
  • Making Time for Leadership
  • The “S” Word - Know Your Source
  • Resources You Must Know and Leverage
  • How to Climb - Expert Insights #1
  • How to Climb - Expert Insights #2

You also receive:

  • 1 individual coaching session (1-hour strategy pow-wow with YOUR career manager, Brenda)
  • Career Journal / Tracker
  • Bi-weekly video training with specific tasks to keep you focused (and accountability to help you overcome whatever obstacles that try to attack you).
  • Expert content from leaders who have climbed the corporate ladder (raw and real)
  • Real-time answers to the questions you will face along the way
  • Career advancer plan with social media guidance
  • Copy of Project 2020 book upon release
  • Resume and LinkedIn profile (portfolio) assessment
  • Encouragement, confidence, and an actual game plan for promotion.

Your Investment

$399 (initial) + $99/month over 5 months. OR Pay in full at $795, a $100 savings. (Credit card and ACH payments accepted)

Materials Needed: Internet Connection/web cam, Phone, Email, Resume, LinkedIn Account, Video Viewer