What kinds of people does Push Career Management,LLC, serve?

We work with people who are hungry for more in their careers. Push is all about doing things that make you uncomfortable but help you win. Networking with strangers. Asking for a promotion or a higher salary. We believe that you get rewarded when you push and we want to train people for their whole career. On that note, we work with recently laid off professionals who are eager to get back to meaningful work but are dealing with a confidence crisis. We can help you see yourselves as the experts you are. We also work with employed professionals who are ready to start their ascension up the corporate ladder. You know when it’s time… let us help you push. Finally, we serve employees facing layoff through our corporate outplacement programs. These employer-sponsored packages can help to accelerate the transition for your affected staff. If you’re ready to push, we’re ready to serve you. If you need encouragement, we can help with that too!


How do I get someone from Push Career Management to speak at my event?

Just ask. Simply call us at 602-775-6856 or fill out a contact request on our Contact page and we’ll call you. We’ll get some information from you including event details, audience size, key takeaways you want your participants to leave with. Then we’ll review our fees with you and you can select what works best with your budget. If you need a volunteer speaker, we can accommodate a few of those per year, so don’t hesitate to ask if you are a non-profit agency or growing organization that career about the careers of your people. Topics include: Resume Development, Modern Job Search Strategies, Interview Skills, Networking, Salary Negotiation, Crush the Pink Slip (a Post-layoff encouragement), Goal Setting, How to Use LinkedIn, Career Management (employee productivity booster), Career Transitions for Workers Being Displaced, and other topics are being developed so let us know if you want a fresh take on career topics from a motivational perspective.


How much does it cost for Push Career Management, LLC, to write my resume for me?

It depends. Custom quotations will be provided following a no-cost consultation with one of our experts. We first need to know you. What are your goals, what is your past experience, how are you qualified, what professional level have you reached and where are you headed? Once we have a better idea of those things, we’ll provide you with an accurate quotation right at the end of your no-obligation consultation. Click here to schedule yours right now.


How long is the delivery once I invest in a resume development package?

Typical delivery speed is 10 business days however, expedite options are available if you need it sooner. If you invest in one of our assessments, expect a 3-business day turnaround. You may receive it sooner but you’ll never receive it later. Doing what we say we will do is one our cornerstones of customer service.


Why don’t you have samples on your website?

It makes us cringe when we’re working with a client and we ask them about something on THEIR resume and they don’t know what it means because they copied it from the Internet. The Internet can be wildly misleading and is often taken out of context. Also, specific strategies need to be employed for specific situations and we don’t want our clients falling in love with a format that won’t work well for them. For those reasons among other, practical copyright issues…we thought it best to provide custom resume content for each person. We like to let our results speak and not our samples. 50% of our past clients have reported getting called for interviews within just a few weeks. That’s great in this long, arduous job search climate. Our clients often experience a surge of confidence once they see their actual accomplishments written down. You don’t need a sample for that.


What is the Discovery Session?

This is our precious and critical time together. Typically held over the phone (so you don’t even need to leave the comforts of your home). The PCM, Signature Discovery Session is where we get all the information we need to build a powerful portfolio for you. The conversation can last anywhere from 1-2 hours, but we will go deep. We’ll ask all the right questions and we’ll take copious notes so all you have to do is talk. We then take hours to compile your stories, examples, results, and experiences into an attention-grabbing portfolio that’s sure to get you noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. This is where a lot of the a-ha moments happen as you begin to realize you’ve done some pretty special things. A bonus with the Discovery Session is that you will receive real feedback on how to address certain situations during an interview. This gem of a service replaces the e-mailed questionnaires that other resume writing services use. We believe in doing the work, not sending you off to complete a questionnaire for hours on end. We are the experts, we know what questions to ask to build a portfolio that matters. Your Discovery Session is usually scheduled following your free consultation if you should decide to move forward with our services. We can’t wait to help you discover what makes you special and elevates your confidence.


Do I to be laid off to work with Push Career Management, LLC?

No, not at all.


How do I engage Push Career Management if I want to learn more (or get started)?

  • CLICK HERE to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation

  • Call our office at 602-773-6856

  • Contact us HERE

However you choose to engage, we can’t wait to speak with you.


How is the team at Push Career Management qualified to assist me with my job search or career transition?

Our owner, Brenda M. Cunningham, is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), a Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS), and a Credentialed Career Manager (CCM), in addition to being a Project Management Professional (PMP). This just means she’s gone through rigorous validation exercises to demonstrate mastery in all of those areas. The PMP is important for you to know because she also has corporate experience. Her real-world experience helps you to navigate the real corporate America. It’s not just theory. This is also something we look for in all of our writers and staff. Our writing team is highly credentialed and award winning, including a multi-time TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) award holder. We’ll always make sure you’re in qualified and caring hands so you can not only get back to work, but also remain encouraged throughout your journey.


Why is it so important to have a well-written resume? I haven’t needed a resume for my whole career, why do I need one now?

Because times have changed pretty dramatically. Applicant Tracking Systems (the electronic resume scanners) are taking over the job search arena. They are so commonplace and you must be able to play the ATS game if you want to succeed in today’s modern job search. Too often people (job seekers and ladder climbers alike) think they can just list out everything they’ve ever done, but they don’t realize that their resume should be showing how they’re qualified for the next big thing. It’s job is to sell you and articulate how you stack up against other applicants. Often, a bad resume can cost you during salary negotiations and interviews. If you don’t do a good job of telling your story you may not convince them to give you a 2nd look.


If I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, can I still work with Push?

Of course. If you have an inkling, we can help get you clarity. If you have absolutely no idea, we’ll refer you to one of our trusted Career Coaching partners to help you see your vision more clearly. Remember: never start writing a resume without a goal. It’ll likely get you nowhere or far less that you could have with a clear goal.


What happens after my services are complete with Push?

We know that your resume is not enough, and we knew that you would have additional questions once you completed your services with Push. Because we had/have limited capacity to handle a lot of “quick questions” we created Open Phones. Dial into this free, open line when questions come up and always have access to your career partners at Push Career Management. If you’ve worked with us in the past and you’re ready for an update, simply call our office or send us an email and we’ll quote you a specific, discounted rate for document updates. We love working with repeat clients. They’re awesome!


Does Push offer any low-cost options?

Why yes, a resume can be a major investment and sometimes your budget may not align. So we refuse to leave you empty-handed. That said, check out our free and low cost-resources here. They include Open Phones, How to Use LinkedIn in 15 Minutes Per Day (All free), Crush the Pink Slip: Get Back to Work in 60 Days ($20 -- volume discounts are available for groups), and the 23-Point Resume Assessment/Letter/Profile Review ($150). These are brilliant resources for the DIY job seeker.


When is a good time to call Push Career Management if I have questions?

Basically anytime is a fine time. Even if you leave a voicemail, we’ll do our very best to return your call within 24 business hours. However, the best way to avoid a few, fun rounds of phone tag is to schedule a free consultation. Click here to do just that. By the way, our phone number is 602-773-6856 (if you prefer to call). We can’t wait to connect with you.


So what are all of the services you provide?

Of course, resume development, cover letters, LinkedIn profile development…but we also offer motivational career keynotes and training workshops (public speaking), interview coaching, outplacement services (to corporations forced to reduce headcount), job search strategy coaching, performance review coaching, salary negotiation coaching/training, bio development, resume/letter/profile critiques, and updates for our returning clients who have new positions to add to their portfolios.


Push Career Management, where have you been all of my life?

We’ve been right here since 2007. We just were born under a different name. You may have heard of ROYAL Resume Services…well that was us, until we realized we were providing so much more that just resume services. In 2015, we thought it was about darn time our name reflected the full gamut of things we could actually do for you.