Consultation & Strategy Session

The perfect starting point for anyone who thinks they may need career navigation assistance. If you are considering career change, getting ready for promotion, recently been laid off, or you understand the need to stay prepared in this layoff-ready world. A complimentary strategy consultation is just what the doctor ordered. If you feel like:

  • You’re ready for promotion but you don’t know where to begin

  • Your age is holding you back

  • You don’t have enough experience to go where you want to go in your career

  • The entrepreneur’s life is no longer for you

  • You’ve hit a wall with your job search (no calls for interviews and/or no offers)

  • Surviving multiple layoffs was hard enough…having to navigate an unfamiliar job search market is the real challenge

  • You have no idea how to talk about yourself, past experiences, or your challenging background

  • Promotion (within your company) is not an option unless someone retires or dies.

  • You’re so desperate for change you’ve even considered a major pay cut.

Then you need to push yourself to prioritize your consultation. The consultation is free (although there is a small fee for a more in-depth strategy session) and we even have some late time slots to accommodate your busy workday schedules. During each session, we’ll explore your goals, you’ll get actual answers to your career-related questions, and (if appropriate) service recommendations will be made along with specific quotations and scheduling. What are you waiting for? Click here to schedule now.