Interview Coaching

Your resume has done its job and you received the call for an interview, but you haven’t interviewed in years or there is simply too much riding on this interview. You need to be confident. You may even have a tricky situation that you need to know how to talk about (got fired, ran your own business, job-hopper history, no degree, etc…). We have all heard the advice to practice interviewing with someone. But be smart about it, if they don’t know what to look for (and they’ve never hired anyone before) will they be able to give you specific, accurate feedback to help you win? Interview coaching with a qualified professional can make all the difference for you and your ability to secure actual job offers.

Interview coaching with Push, like all things, is very practical. We begin by having you send your current resume and job posting that you’d like to prepare for. You’ll provide us with specific areas that you’re struggling with and we’ll come prepared with general questions you are likely to encounter. We’ll go through a mock interview and you’ll receive feedback every step of the way. The best part is…you’ll get the call recording afterward so you can practice and simply focus on the coaching vs. trying to take a bunch of notes. You’ll leave with an interview strategy, a real game plan to win with interviewing.

What you get:

  • Qualified feedback

  • Interview strategy

  • Actual verbiage for conversations you know you’ll struggle with

  • Call recording

  • Video-based session to validate your appearance and an assessment of body language