Job Search Coaching

Job searching is so much more than submitting a bunch of resumes on the Internet and hoping for the best. Job searching has evolved into a complex system requiring a multi-pronged approach, but there is no one-size-fits-all formula so, each individual needs their very own strategy to win, quickly.

The #1 frustration I hear about during a job search (especially for those who haven’t needed to do it in 10+ years) is that they feel uncertain about the process. They don’t want to network and they can’t understand why they’re not getting any calls. Having someone in your corner who can help you build a custom search strategy and provide real-time answers to the questions that will undoubtedly come up during your search is invaluable to protecting your sanity.

What you get:

  • Initial Strategy Session
  • Custom job search plan
  • 2, 1.5-hour 1:1 coaching sessions (or 4, 45-minute sessions) per month
  • Unlimited email access for each month of coaching
  • Email and conversation guides for building and leveraging your professional network
  • Real language for whatever situations you will face during your search
  • ACCOUNTABILITY to help you reach your goals.