23-Point Resume Assessment (August Special through 8/31/17)

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Resume Assessment Image.png

23-Point Resume Assessment (August Special through 8/31/17)

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What I need from you:

1.    A copy of the resume you would like me to review. Please send using Microsoft Word .doc format. [Pages for Mac users is also an acceptable format].

2.    A (1) job posting that reflects the type of position you'll be applying for with your updated resume.

3.   Complete your payment by clicking here.


What you will receive:

1.    A marked up copy of your resume (with my comments regarding possible tweaks that would best serve you).

2.    The 23-Point Resume Critique form, which will help you focus your do-it-yourself energies in the right areas.



·     The goal of the Resume Assessment is to offer meaningful feedback regarding your current resume so you can independently upgrade your resume document. 

·     Some items may not be completely understood by you (and this may not be avoidable) because it is written using widely accepted resume-writing terminology. Please note every effort will be made to use simple, easy-to-understand language. If you do have major questions, just call our office to schedule a review appointment. Only one (1) review appointment will be allowed per paid assessment.

·     Once you have received your feedback, it will be up to you to implement those changes on your own, if you would like Push Career Management, LLC, to make the changes for you a separate investment will be required (note: packages start at $650.00).

·     We do have a no refund policy as you are paying for time and expertise.

·     Please allow up to 3 business days for your assessment to be delivered to your email inbox. Microsoft Word is recommended for viewing comments.

·     Your assessment items must be submitted by 8/31/17.

·     Sending your resume (to be reviewed) indicates acceptance of these terms. 

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Please be sure to send your resume and job posting to brenda@pushcareermanagement.com for completion of your assessment. 


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