How to Care for Your Career At the End of the Year

If you’re employed

Another year has nearly come and gone. Has anything changed for the better? Did you get that promotion? Better yet, did you even set a goal to be promoted? How did you do this year? How do you know? Was it a good year just because you’re boss didn’t say anything negative?

Guys, it’s vital that you realize we are in a different era when it comes to employment. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind as we wrap up another year:

1.    Take advantage of a quieter office environment (while many of your co-workers are on vacation) and start daydreaming / documenting your next career move(s).

2.    List all of your major accomplishments and professional development courses / experiences this year (if you don’t remember, they certainly won’t).

3.    Schedule a 1:1 conversation with your boss for early in the new year so you can get his / her insights into how you can start working toward those new goals you’ve just established. This is also a great time to show them that accomplishments list and starting getting yourself in position for a salary increase.

If you’re unemployed

Don’t you dare lose hope! Often enough the last month of the year is an awesome time to land your next position. Yes, some HR folks and hiring managers will be out of the office on vacation, but others are still there trying to get things in place for the upcoming year. They’re still looking for you. It’s up to you to not throw in the towel and continue to believe the best is still possible.

Here are a few things for you to consider:

1.    If you keep striking out with your ideal full-time positions, think about something temporary or seasonal.

2.    Do something bigger than yourself. Volunteer and serve others. This is a great strategy to take your mind off of your own woes. Who knows this could possibly spark a newfound career interest.

3.    Stay tuned for our Get Back to Work Toolkit, coming in December 2016. I am creating an affordable arsenal to tangibly help you get back to work and yes this includes some voice-to-voice coaching time with yours truly.

Whoever you are, pray for yourself or ask for prayers for you. Prayer is a most powerful weapon, but only when used. I am excited to hear your stories of massive success. This year is not over yet. Finish strong. Keep pushing!