Will You Push?

When I think about how hard it to hit that 14th rep on the leg press machine or how I’d rather be in bed than doing my 30th arm curl. I’m reminded of the concept of Push. Recently, my brief observations of the Olympic games showed me Push in the making. Seeing Simone Biles and her perfect physique conquer gymnastics in all its forms. Watching Michael Phelps dominate the water and show all others who the true H2O champion was…I saw Push in action.

Pushing is uncomfortable, it’s tiring, but it’s necessary if we wish to accomplish greatness. Now, we don’t have to be Olympians, but we do all need to strive toward a goal, stay focused, and do the work that is necessary to accomplish it.

My friends, I encourage you to understand what you wish to accomplish in your life and in your career and then PUSH to attain it. #WillYouPush?

Go ahead and say it out loud. Instead of “losing weight,” do you want to lose 15 lbs.? Instead of “finding ‘A’ job,” do you want to find a great ________________ position at one of your target companies with a work-from-home option? Be specific so you’ll know where to focus your efforts. 


Last week I share this concept of pushing to an audience of 150 job seekers at a great event hosted by Career Connectors, in Phoenix, AZ, and I encouraged them to do what most job seekers won’t do; to get uncomfortable; to do it even when they don’t feel like it. To push! Then, funny enough, the next morning I was supposed to get up and have my devotion time and go to the gym (to work on my specific goal of overall body muscle toning and increasing my energy) but I was so crazy tired from the day before. And just as I reached for that tempting snooze button, I was reminded of those 150 faces that I had encouraged just the day before. And I got up!

Whatever your goal is, whatever your career objective, whether you are looking to get back to work or ready for more in your career / life…I encourage you to PUSH. Will you push?

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