26 Thoughts to Manage Your Career

A - Ask for projects that make you uncomfortable and allow you to expand your skill set.

B - Be willing to invest in the areas you need help in. If your car breaks down, hire a mechanic. If you sue someone, hire a lawyer. If you are not a great writer, hire a professional resume writer.

C - Create more efficient processes. If something isn’t working as well as it could be, improve it!

D - Don’t allow career change to affect your confidence, even when it comes by force.

E - Embrace change. Sometimes the old way isn’t the best way. If you catch yourself saying “we always used to do it like this,” then stop talking and start innovating.

F - Forgive people when they do you wrong, but never make the same mistake twice. Start documenting your work so others can’t take credit and/or you can defend your case with HR.

G - Ground yourself in something other than your job (God, family, purpose). Jobs are rarely permanent and your whole foundation shouldn’t crumble when a job goes away.

H - Help and serve others. It always gives you broader perspective and keeps you humble and grateful.

I - If you have to settle for something (to put food on the table)… don’t stay there. Keep pursuing that thing/position which excites you.

J - Job postings are your friend. Reference them a few times per year to see what skills/credentials are in demand for your industry…then go get them.

K - Know your key metrics. How are you contributing to the bottom line? When you know this and you do an amazing job, you tend to get where you want to be in your career. Also, use your results to boost your performance review success.

L - Laziness will get you nowhere.

M - Minority status is just a label. Don’t let this limit your ascension or your confidence.

N - Never blame others for where you are. What part did YOU play and what will YOU do now?

O - Opportunities sometimes come when we least expect them. Our job is to always be ready.

P - Purpose is still the primary driver. When your work aligns with your mission, you will be anointed, unstoppable, and fulfilled.

Q - Quiet those thoughts that make you believe you are a fraud. You have not fooled everyone in the entire department and interview process for this long. You have what it takes…Believe it!

R - Read, study, attend workshops/conferences, etc.… continue to get better at the work you do.

S - Stay connected with people you used to work with. They are some of your best advocates.

T - Take risks, innovate, or be left in the dust. You must know what the future holds for your industry. Or create it!

U - Update your resume/portfolio at least once per year. Stay ready.

V - Vision! You must know (or at least have some idea) of where you want to be in 3-5 years so you can start setting yourself up for success right now.

W - Work with a mentor or someone who can help you accelerate your learning curve and business acumen.

X - eXpress your opinion(s). Staying quiet in meetings can give the perception that you don’t care.

Y - You are in control of your salary. If you don’t earn enough, research companies that pay more and negotiate a higher compensation package.

Z - Zip your lips and avoid office gossip at all costs. If necessary, simply remove yourself from the conversation.


Written by Brenda M. Cunningham: Career Transition Specialist at Push Career Management, LLC! Whether you are unemployed or ready for more in your career, she builds powerful portfolios that capture attention and coaches professionals to land their ideal positions at their ideal pay. www.pushcareermanagement.com