How to Prepare for Your Resume Update


Next month, September, is National Update Your Resume Month. And in expectation of its magnificent arrival, I want to give you some practical nuggets to get you in position for your resume update.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you sit down to tackle a project and then you get frustrated because you don’t have everything you need. Then one hour later…you’ve run out of time. Vow that this resume update project will be different, and get busy pulling together these items:

1.     Start thinking about the next step in your career plan. What is it called? What skills are required to achieve it? Does it pay what you thought it would? Start referencing job postings to see what employers are looking for.

2.     Review your past performance appraisals. What were some of your major accomplishments? What was the financial value of the projects you’ve worked on? How many patients did you care for at one time? How much did you save your organization (time or money)? What were the customer retention numbers before and after your arrival in the role?

3.     Pull any letters of recommendation you’ve received and/or ask to be recommended. Using LinkedIn is a great way to get a formal recommendation and let it be known to the world. It’s one thing to think you’re awesome…it’s another thing entirely for someone else to say it.

4.     Document your trainings. How have you stayed sharp within your profession? Did you deliver any classes? What conferences did you attend? Think about lunch-and-learn workshops that exposed you to new skills. Don’t discount online trainings that your employer offered. Not everyone cares enough about their career to keep developing, so make sure you’re giving yourself credit for the amazing things you’ve done to stay relevant.

Update Your Resume Month does not mean you have to hire a professional writer, but if you know that writing and articulating your accomplishments is not your strength…then do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with me to build a strong, effective resume for you.


Written by Brenda M. Cunningham: Career Transition Specialist at Push Career Management, LLC. Whether you are unemployed or ready for more in your career, she builds powerful portfolios that capture attention and coaches professionals to land their ideal positions at their ideal pay.