How Your “Spending” Habits Impact Your Career

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As you may have guessed from the quotation marks, there is more than the mere spending of your dollars that I’ll be addressing here. Well, I’m currently reading Seize the Day: Living on Purpose and Making Everyday Count, by Joyce Meyer (one of my favorite spiritual authors), and she shared a very profound thought. Here’s her example:

“If we purchase something with money and we aren’t happy with it, we can usually take it back…and get our money back…but time is not like that. Once it is gone, it cannot ever be regained.”

WHOA!!! And since I’m wired to see things through the lens of careers, I immediately thought of you (those who pay attention to my writings). I was arrested by this thought as I recalled how many times my to-do list never got completed because I allowed numerous distractions to invade my time. I think about just the other day when I had a noble goal to attend to, but my precious time was lost in another round of pointless Facebook scrolling.

Then, I think of how much time I’ve wasted simply being afraid. Afraid of failing, afraid of winning, afraid of adverse reactions to something I said or did and so I would take refuge in the familiar dwelling of procrastination. This leads me to share some things you should be spending time on in order to see major advances in your career:

1. Planning out your day (before it begins)

2. Devotion (prayer, spiritual study, and encouragement)

3. Planning your meals (to include options that help you perform at your best)

4. Keeping your work area clean (clutter is a distraction)

5. Weekly (or daily) check-ins on your goals

6. Documenting major accomplishments in your work

7. Updating your resume (at least once per year)

8. De-cluttering your home

9. Reading / Professional Development / Current Events

10. Money Management

11. Exercise (whatever that looks like to you)

12. Personal / Family Healthcare

And as we are fully enveloped by one of my favorite months of the year, we are reminded to be grateful and…yes, your time is precious and limited, but you’ll rarely ever regret doing kind things for other people. So in the month of Thanksgiving, consider sacrificing some of your scrolling, binging, or mindless watching time to make a difference in someone else’s world. Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you enjoyed this perspective. Click here to schedule a consultation with me especially if you know you have gotten out of control with your time and it’s impacting your career.

Written by Brenda M. Cunningham: The one who will tell you like it is and help you get to where you want to be in your career.  To learn more about our career services, visit us at