3 Bad Career Habits NOT to Carry Into the New Year

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Navigating alone from the safety of your computer
This is one of the worst habits to carry with you for another year. Especially if you’ve been in a job search for longer than 6 months or you’re not getting any of the right phone calls. It’s high time to start employing other options in your search. Things like recruiter engagement and people networking. I know you don’t want to feel like you’re using people…so don’t. Don’t just call people when you need something. Be more proactive and stay in touch with your treasured connections. If you need some help, download the free eBook How to Use LinkedIn in 15 Minutes Per Day.

Listening to bad advice
Like…your resume has to be one page, or NOT heeding wisdom that says your resume is not just a mere listing of everything you’ve ever done. It is, in fact, a strategic ad campaign that will help your future employers see the value of learning more about you in an interview. It should be custom. Every time.  

Continuing to think you can’t - letting fear stop you
Listen, I’m no stranger to fear, but I decide almost on a daily basis that I do have what it takes. I am enough. I do have enough intelligence, I can command that larger stage, etc. Whatever IT is, you are more than a conqueror and it’s time you start acting like it. Fear is clever. It will show up in the form of procrastination, submitting 1 application vs. 5, and coming up with a reason you can’t attend that professional function. Stay alert!

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Written by Brenda M. Cunningham: The one who will tell you like it is and help you get to where you want to be in your career.  To learn more about our career services, visit us at www.pushcareermanagement.com