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Our CEO, Brenda M. Cunningham loves to teach and share practical job search and career-building strategies with audiences of all sizes (10-500). Review the listing of current topics and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, simply call our office to explore new custom content for your group.


Career-Staff Training

Your career services office impacts students of diverse backgrounds and this curriculum will serve to align your staff in their approaches in training your future graduates and alumni to conduct their career transitions. You need to improve your placement statistics, and we will train your staff to encourage effective, modern techniques in resume/cover letter development, networking/job search strategies, and interviewing so your graduates can quickly become well-compensated members of the workforce.


How to Use LinkedIn in 15 Minutes Per Day

You’re probably convinced by now that you need to be on LinkedIn, especially during your transition. But do you have any idea what to do once you’re there? How do you strike up conversations with strangers? How do you get people to understand that you CAN do the job you’re pursuing? Brenda will give you a specific, minute-by-minute action plan for using LinkedIn to connect with recruiters, decision-makers, and other influencers to accelerate your search.  Avoid the trap of using social media for hours on end, so you can stay productive doing the right things to help you land your dream job.


Crush the Pink Slip:  Get Back to Work in 60 Days

Laid off professionals will learn a practical approach to accelerate their transition back to the workplace. Brenda M. Cunningham will walk you through the three parts of getting back to work…Goals, Game Plan, and Dangerous Expectations. She will then, share some of her favorite nuggets to encourage and motivate you to crush your pink slip and get back to work, fast!


Whose Job Is It Anyway?  7 Ways to Stay in Demand in Your Career

Stay In-Demand in Your Career! Layoffs are Real…Help prevent them. Make a real impact for your company. This is not a scare tactic, it is meant to motivate participants to always perform at the top of their game. Being in demand requires that you do more than the average (employee). Even if layoffs do happen, the things I’ll share will help you be far more competitive in the job search marketplace. This deep dive will ask critical questions to make sure participants perform at their peak. This is a very interactive session.


Your Resume is Not Enough:  How to Network Your Way UP the Corporate Ladder

If you’ve still been submitting hundreds of resumes with no results, then it’s time to incorporate networking into your overall job search strategy and this session will show you how! Many job seekers are so focused on having a great resume and while your resume is a critical piece of your transition back to work (or toward promotion), it is not the only thing that matters! There are other considerations when strategizing your accelerated search, and a major component is your networking strategy. We’ve all heard that term networking, but few of us have a clue what that means or how to conduct ourselves while networking. This session will give you some effective, tactful ways of building your personal and professional network and setting dangerous expectations, so you can get to the type of work YOU CHOOSE!


Kingdom Career Search

Focused on helping members of the body of Christ to accelerate their job search and become more contemporary in their resume development and job search strategies; to prepare our community to deal with future workforce changes. There is an urgency to get God’s people back to the work they are called to do for the advancement of the Kingdom. Participants will gain a clear understanding of why they MUST discover their purpose and:

  • Knowledge of how to construct a powerful resume that will get them noticed.
  • Confidence to engage in a MODERN job search and endure with a positive outlook.
  • Tools and resources they need to accelerate their job search.
  • Ability to develop a succinct and influential cover letter.
  • Strategies to interview with confidence.
  • Practical, specific strategies on navigating an online and networking-based job search.
  • Answers or resources to address the most difficult challenges in a job search.
  • Understanding the role that social media plays in a job search.

Stick It!  Keys to Landing Your Next Position After a Reduction in Force

Is your company getting ready to make the tough decision to lay off some, or all of your workforce?  Sure, this is a difficult decision to make and a confusing time for your valued employees, so why not repay all the loyal, hard work that these dedicated colleagues have given you over the years? Take Care of the Employees who have Taken Care of You! *Add Positive PR to this Unfortunate Situation *Minimize Your Unemployment Contributions *Accelerate Your Employees’ Transitions. You gain all this, while they experience a renewed sense of worth and walk away with concrete strategies to update their resumes, get interviews, develop a game plan, figure out their next move, and articulate their goals and experiences.

Various options are available to create a customizable solution that fits best for your group.


Business Owners Need Resumes Too!

OK, not all of you do, but certainly those that are pursuing contract opportunities to grow your client base and your business profits. As a writer, I know that the hardest thing to do is to brag on yourself and articulate what you do! This session focuses on the importance of a bio and well-written resume to grow your business AND some straightforward methods to develop them.  Stop losing website visitors, because they don’t understand what you do. You’ve had the audacity to grow your business to this level, now take it up a notch and drive more targeted traffic your way by clearly communicating your value and the benefits of working with you!


You've Got Your MBA, Now It's Time for Your Big Kid Career

For most of us, the last time we learned to write a resume was in high school, and the most recent career advice probably came from your undergrad career services advisor. But now that you’re ready to grab your career by the horns, it’s time to create your big kid strategy in motion. You may have received feedback that your work performance needs work, or you just know that it’s time to step up your game and really start strategically promoting your skillset for lucrative and meaningful career-advancement opportunities. If you’re ready for the big time, and I know you are…come get some solid foundation to build your big kid career and step into the big leagues.


Social Media for the Savvy Business Professional:  Managing Your Brand!

Digital Networking was thrust upon many of us without our permission. Some have been reluctant to get on the social media bandwagon, but this workshop will address why you MUST be using social media as a business owner or corporate professional! It will demonstrate the true value of using online forums to build a solid professional network, SHOW YOU HOW to create a powerful, authentic profile, how to engage with strangers, and how to help your budding new relationships thrive. You will also learn the subtleties of asking for something from your network in a tactful, yet effective way.



If you’re interested in having Brenda speak at your event, conference, or workshop/class, please get started by completing this speaker request form or call our office at 602-773-6856. Thank you!

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