Providing quality Outplacement and Career Transition services helps transitioning (Engineering, Manufacturing, and IT) employees understand that career changes don’t have to be career-ending.

If you need corporate outplacement services for one or more employees being displaced, we offer individualized, one-to-one coaching and career transition services.

What A Great Outplacement Partner Can Do For You

  • Protect your industry reputation and brand, help you to avoid litigation risks, and create a willing-to-return talent pool once your business rebounds.  

  • It allows you to take of the people that have taken care of your company for so long.

One of the most popular measures of outplacement success in how swiftly your separated employees can land in a new position. But also consider…do they just want to land a job, or do they want and deserve to land a position worthy of them and their abilities? Having a renewed sense of pride and confidence can cause them to continue viewing you favorably, post-separation.

89% of respondents said the most important reason for offering outplacement was to help their transitioning employees get a new job.
— *2013 Direct Employers Outplacement Survey

Why We Do It

  • Outplacement has failed so many, including our very own, Brenda M. Cunningham…she received an outplacement package from her former corporate employer and described it as “useless and ineffective…having a high-level resume review, being given a list of recruiters and job fairs, and having access to yet another job board was hardly what I’d call sufficient help.”

  • A resume review and website access no longer cuts it. A personalized approach is critical.

  • The big behemoth firms try to tackle thousands of transitioners all at once so understandably they deliver a cookie-cutter solution, and because we understand the value of a customized plan, we only work with 10 or fewer, separating employees at one time. So if you have a small workforce or a phased restructuring plan, a partnership with Push Career Management is ideal for you.

What We Do: The Difference a Little Push Can Make

  • Accountability

  • Personalized programs

  • Optional, on-site group workshops to equip your larger groups for the transition ahead.

  • Done-for-you! Professionally constructed portfolios (we don’t leave the heavy lifting to your valued employees, we will do the legwork to make sure it’s done right). Not to mention...they're dealing with enough emotions.

  • Customized job search strategy plans

  • Bi-Monthly accountability, networking, and coaching available for when they get stuck in the execution of an unfamiliar job search (the virtual nature of these sessions makes it easy on them, helps them to embrace new technology, and still reach contacts nationwide that may be able to provide a networking boost).

  • Strong, recruiter relationships that can / will be leveraged to provide every advantage to your former rock stars.

  • A real game plan. Package participants will also receive a copy of Crush the Pink Slip: Get Back to Work in 60 Days.

  • Excellent customer service. This is not optional. Treating our clients, your former teammates, well is critical to their success and ours.

Case Studies...Outplacement Really Helps!

Dan C. - Doubled His Salary and has no ill will toward his former employer.

Dan is a techie. A Sr. level programmer and he was nervous about his fate following the layoff announcement at this job. Fortunately the employer gave him plenty of heads up and a severance package, which included outplacement services. After working with Dan, we discovered his need for an updated resume and a networking strategy. About 40 days later, Dan excitedly reported that he was offered a position earning twice as much and he was incredibly grateful to his past employer who had put him in a great position to win and stay in control of his career. 

Patrick C. - Multiple layoffs, no college degree.

His employer did not provide any outplacement services, but he sought out transition services on his own. This call-center manager didn’t want just any position he wanted something meaningful that would keep him in his previous salary range. He was also very concerned about how to explain his recent series of employment experiences considering he had been laid off several times in the past few years. We infused some interview coaching to his portfolio development. He landed a great position, earning a $20,000 raise, and promotion, and was re-employed within 30 days. 

Deb B. - Serial corporate ladder climber, in-demand skill set.

Deb is the poster child for career management. She’s done a perfect job of keeping her skills up to date (a must in her evolving field of IT Risk Management), but she was not earning nearly what her skills were worth. Following several years bringing in $70k and being laid off, she reached out to Push Career Management, LLC, and now she’s happily earning $130k with an upcoming stock buyout valued over $300k. Having confidence through her robust portfolio to even pursue these higher positions she credits to great coaching and portfolio development from Push Career Management. 

April G. - Sudden layoff, no notice, no company support. 

Worked for a high-profile small business marketing agency when, following the purchase of a new home, she was surprised with the news of a layoff. She was devastated and uncertain about the future. While they offered a packet of job search resources, April said “It would have been great to have someone like Push Career Management, to assess what I wanted to do, and how I could conduct a job search after 9-years in a stable career. " If I'd had someone to sit down and talk to, that would have made a difference." “Companies that care about their employees, provide this type of service, period.” After April struggled for nearly a year with no job, she finally decided to start her own business and remove herself from the job search equation. 

If you need corporate outplacement services for one or more employees being displaced, we offer individualized, one-to-one coaching and career transition services.